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Auto Edge Appearance Centre Covers All the Details in Cambridge

Auto Edge Appearance Centre in Cambridge provides services for long-lasting protection for all new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans:

  • Rust protection
  • Underbody protection
  • Paint protection
  • Fabric guard
  • Leather and vinyl guard
  • Oil spraying

We do it all. Come by our garage and see why we have been an industry leader for over 40 years! We make your vehicle look better, last longer and worth more.

Rust Proofing with a Protection Warranty

Rust corrodes iron or an iron-based alloy, such as steel, when it is exposed to moisture and oxygen. If not taken care of properly, a vehicle can slowly rust out with its metal disintegrating over time. In order to rust proof your vehicle, we apply an undercoating that acts as a shield from rust-causing elements. Auto Edge Appearance Centre is backed by a Guaranteed Product Performance Rust Protection Warranty.

Add Life to Your Car with Auto Edge Detailing

Regular detailing prolongs the life of your vehicle. Detailing can include everything from an exterior wash and wax to an engine wash. This process removes debris that can clog and corrode your vehicle. It is important to regularly detail your vehicle.

Paint Protection Repels All the Elements

We offer a paint protection film with Teflon® that preserves the paint job of your vehicle and provides you with durable protection and a lasting shine. Our paint protection protects against colour fading, repels pollutants, road salt, dirt, tar and helps block out ultraviolet rays that can dull your finish.

Great Reputation and Customer Loyalty

Since 1974, Auto Edge Appearance Centre has been a leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Having been in the business for so long, we are now seeing the grandchildren of our loyal customers. We keep in touch with our clientele, providing a personal touch to their auto-detailing experience.


  • Guaranteed rust protection
  • Rust proofing
  • Underbody protection
  • Oil spraying
  • Paint protection
  • Fabric guard
  • Leather and vinyl guard
  • Interior and exterior car detailing, shampoo, buff and polish

Rust Proofing, Oil Spraying 
& More

We offer complete services for your car or truck.

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